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Eamonn Madden
Eamonn MaddenMindset Mogul
Eamonn is a business performance strategist who has been working with corporations and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade to improve communication, leadership and bottom line results. A Jiu Jitsu and Judo black belt and an NLP Master Practitioner, Eamonn has coached Olympic athletes and is an expert in the creation and facilitation of high impact trainings.
Chris Uguokor
Chris UguokorDirector
Having worked in a number of schools in South London, Chris is currently an Inspirational Youth Director and, alongside this, an integral part of the pastoral system at City Heights Academy. Chris has a number of roles within the school: Dean of Discipline and he is also Head of Seacole house. Chris has worked in education for over 18 years.

As the Dean of discipline, Chris works closely with young people and other key members of staff within the school to establish an environment which is conducive learning and an environment which allows the students to achieve and exceed their potential. This position involves building rapport with young people, recognising their needs, creating support plans and mentoring and guiding them through difficult periods. This is a position which Chris thrives in and his compassion and care for his young people speaks for itself.

This is a challenging role but one which Chris thrives in as he recognises the importance of a strong leader and a strong role model for his students. Chris acknowledges the need for clear behaviour intervention within the school and good community engagement outside the gates – he recognises that individuals must work as a part of a team to have the greatest impact on young lives.

Facilitators and partners

Louise Hiller
Louise HillerOperations Manager
Louise is Operational Manager at Inspirational Youth. Louise is a passionate, motivational and inspiring ambassador. Within her 14 year career, she has been a leader in many areas: from creating programmes for young people with ASC to working on the frontline helping to address gang violence.

As the communities we support change, Louise continues to grow and enhance her skills – never settling and always looking to learn new ways to empower the next generation. At the heart of Louise’s work is the desire to change the narrative for her young people.

Louise is a JNC qualified youth worker and she has a First-Class Honours Degree in Applied Social Science. Louise regularly speaks in the educational and political sphere in order to promote the work that we do. Alongside her management role, she continues to work on the ground with young people and hopes to create powerful, loving, and ambitious mentors of the future.

Outside of youth work, Louise takes part in combat sports: she has fought in no-time- limit grappling tournaments in the USA, she is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and 2-time British Bantamweight MMA Champion.

At the core of Louise’s success (both professionally and in the sporting arena) is the principle of Bushido. She hopes to empower her young people and drive them towards a better future.

Sophie Jagne
Sophie JagneSenior Youth Mentor
Sophie Jagne is a Senior Youth Mentor. Sophie has worked with young people for over 10 years. As a member of the Hackney Youth Parliament, Sophie discovered her passion for making a difference in the lives of young people and set her sights on becoming a youth worker early on in her career.

Sophie graduated from Goldsmiths University with a BA(Hons) in Applied Social Science, Community Development and Youthwork- she is also JNC qualified.

Sophie runs a number of powerful initiatives – one of which is a highly personalised and targeted one to one mentoring session.

Sophie also works throughout the Borough of Lambeth facilitating group sessions with young women in schools. Alongside these projects, Sophie is also a Youth worker at Hackney Quest Youth hub.

With a combination of life experience, knowledge and love for young people, Sophie is determined to change the outcomes for those she works with and inspire them to meet, and exceed, their highest potential.

Shabazz Nelson
Shabazz NelsonPartner Facilitator
Shabazz is an inspiring and gifted communication and training consultant. He has worked for over fifteen years in the fields of education, inter-business communication and individual and team motivation.

Shabazz’s background in Law and Psychology has proven to be crucial when creating and facilitating work related learning experiences. The success of these projects stems from the implementation of tried and tested methods that maximise the return on investment in the business and academic fields.

Having spent many years working with secondary school educators across the country, Shabazz has amassed a wealth of techniques that enable him to draw even the most disengaged students into the world of self-belief. Often, after having engaged with the sessions, the students actively start to influence those around them in a positive manner as well.

Shabazz uses a combination of wit, humorous anecdotes, allegories and practical examples that reach all students irrespective of their learning styles, thus allowing the messages to be understood and enjoyed by all.

Shabazz also specialises in personal guidance and one to one training for individuals and families. In these guidance sessions, he works on setting out new personal markers and plans.
Whilst some of these courses are challenging, his relaxed style creates a safe environment for delegates to thoroughly explore all aspects of their self-image and personal projection.

Michael Pusey MBE
Michael Pusey MBEPartner Facilitator
For the past 16 years, Michael Pusey MBE, aka DJ CK Flash, has been working in the heart of Peckham – engaging large numbers of disenfranchised young people in the Sport of BMX; he established Peckham BMX sports club and CIC IN 2003.

Today, Peckham BMX is the number one BMX club in the UK: four of its members were part of the Olympic development team for Rio 2016. Two of the club’s female riders were considered to be the second and fourth best riders in the world.

In the New Year’s Honours List of 2016, CK was awarded an MBE which recognised the hard work he has done to dramatically change the lives of hundreds of young people.

Community Give Back, CK’s Charity, was created to ensure that young people in Peckham, and beyond, have access to the best opportunities.

Through his work in the community over the past 12 years, CK has seen the impact that a positive role model, a safe space, an opportunity and a consistent positive message can have on a young person: it can be transformative.

Community Give Back seeks to give young people opportunities in both sport and Music: CK’s two main passions (along with working in the community). Through these areas, CK looks to increase the confidence of his young people, help them gain qualifications, establish work experience and learn life skills. He endeavours to show them another path. CK looks to offer a complete package of mentoring.

Errol Seaman
Errol SeamanPartner Facilitator
Errol is an experienced speaker, lecturer, coach and life skills training facilitator with over 15 years experience within the educational sector.

A former professional basketball player, Errol earned a scholarship to attend the University of North Georgia where he achieved his degree in Chemistry and Biological Science prior to returning to the UK to begin his professional basketball career.

Errol specialises in using unique experiential games and activities in a myriad of subject areas ranging from teamwork, communication and leadership to business, politics and STEM. Errol facilitates these unique activities in such a way as to engage and motivate his students in a high impact yet nurturing and fun learning environment.

Errol has also authored his own children’s motivational book: “Tontata the Rhino and the Great Rhino Olympics”. He is also currently Head of STEM Development at Barking and Dagenham College, a Performance Coach for World Skills UK as well as Managing Director of his own training company: ‘Square Challenge’.

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