What is unique about our work?

We deliver NEET prevention programmes in schools and have a proven track record in improving behaviour, attitude to learning, attendance and academic attainment.

Our proprietary method uses unique game based scenarios which engage young people and raise their self-awareness and resilience, meaning a more productive and successful school environment for both teachers and students.

What are the key benefits?

Participants will benefit from a range out of outcomes, principally greater resilience, an improved ability to manage feelings and an understanding of the Growth Mindset.

We empower those in the training room to achieve the changes in behaviour and attitude which will increase their employability skills and aspirations for education and life.

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How is the impact of our approach measured?

Our work is supported by an impact assessment process backed by scientific research. We use the following metrics to assess the value of our trainings:

Self-Awareness 100%
Feeling Management 100%
Engagement 100%
Resilience 100%
Growth Mindset 100%
NEET prevention


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