‘Inspirational Youth’s game based education is an excellent way, if not the best way, of getting home principles’
Jonathan Letham, Red Start Educate co-founder
‘Inspirational Youth’s approach is innovative and changes lives’

Stephen Fuller, Assistant Head, St Joseph’s College
‘Inner champion changed the way I look at the world. It made me more compassionate and I’ve made some amazing connections with people’

James Lenane, Year 11
The Inspirational Youth programme has developed and improved the students’ self-esteem, confidence and respect for one another. More than this, they learnt how to listen, how to take on board criticism and how to manage themselves in a way which led to individual success.I saw a group of young boys start their journey towards becoming young men – and it was certainly something to be proud of’
Ms R Hardy, Director of Learning Key Stage 3, The Charter School
‘Inspirational Youth is by far the best option I have come across in terms of getting results from young people that we haven’t been able to reach through the standard academic approach.’

Balmore Ellis, Physical Education Coach, Ernest Bevin College
‘I have learned many skills, both mental and physical. In an environment where we are used to working hard as a team, I have observed consistent progress and development in myself and those around me’.

Jae Ullah, Age 18

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‘The Pathfinders course has had such an amazing impact. The young people enjoyed the introspection and learned new and undiscovered things about themselves.’

Shawn Bent, Stanley Park High inclusion/family liaison
‘This programme has helped me with both my confidence levels and my communication skills. It has made me more confident in myself and taught me how I can work effectively in a team.’

Faye, Y12
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