Kevin Munga is a community activist who wants nothing but social change.

Born in the northern suburbs of Paris in a small town called Sarcelles, he faced many battles in life and has had to make something from nothing. With a mother who was severely ill and a father living in another country, he did not have much guidance and that had an impact on his life.

Aged 16 Kevin realised that in the area he grew up (Croydon), it was either you became part of a local gang or you become a victim, so he believed at that specific time that adhering to a gang was the right choice, although prior to that it was never his intention.

The transition point was when he found religion aged 19. This positive force helped him turn his life around and he his now a role model in his borough. He his currently a youth mentor, a community activist and he his also undertaking a Law degree at West London University despite the fact that he only left school with one GCSE.

Kevin says “I’m trying to challenge the ideology that in order to be a somebody where I am from you need road status, and that the only way young black males make it where I am from is if they know how to kick a ball or write lyrics’. He has taken assemblies in various schools in Croydon, spoken to groups and now he will be working closely with Inspirational Youth with the aim to continue sharing the learning from his experiences at different venues in the borough. He believes that his life purpose is to be a public speaker and he wants other young men to find their own mission in life.

Kevin is heavily influenced by the likes of Martin Luther king Jr and Dr Myles Munroe. He says he respects their journey and the fact they were world changers. He is in the process of writing a book entitled “Young Black Males Have Potential” as he feels some people of his race may be oppressed, wrongly stereotyped and ultimately looked down upon. Kevin believes that by writing this book society will change its opinion of how they view young black males, which will consequently bring about the change and opening of many doors for these young men. He thinks this will be a positive incentive as it will enable other young men to live their lives to their full potential.

Kevin has a dream and he will not stop until it comes to pass.

If you would like to contact Kevin please send an email to or contact us via social media @iyeducate.